Tabor Thompson Institute
Current List of Courses
Becoming a Spiritualist - Overview of H. Gordon Burroughs Book, review of TNSA’s principles

History of Ancient and Modern Spiritualism - discussion of important leaders such as
Swedenborg, Mesmer, A. J. Davis, A. C. Doyle, and many who followed in Modern Spiritualism.
Included history of major Spiritualist churches including TNSA.

Meditation - This class emphasizes the importance of frequent meditation. Many types of meditation
techniques will be covered.

Phenomena - Mental Mediumship - All the "Claires" - Retrocognition, Precongnition, Prophesy –
Psychometry – Inspirational Speaking & Writing – Telepathy - Independent & Automatic Writing –
Other Types of Mental Mediumship

Phenomena - Physical Mediumship - Rappings – Use of Tools, Slates, Trumpets, Typewriting,
Photography, Voice recordings – Materialization – Transfiguration – Rapports – Other Types of
Physical Mediumship

Public Message Work - Message work is the cornerstone of Spiritualism and the demonstration of
spirit communication. Students will study the dynamics of the séance, the proper way to give readings,
platform readings, readings at a church service, psychic fair readings.
The student will learn how to get to know and develop a meaningful relationship with their Spirit
Guides.  In addition, discussion of ethics in public message work, responsibilities of the medium, legal
considerations, church affiliation of the medium will be included.

Spiritual Healing - Study and practice spiritual hands-on healing along with many other energy
based healing modalities. (This class will satisfy the minimum education requirements for Spiritual
Healer certification.) This course covers many modalities of Spiritual Healing and stresses the
importance of using TNSA approved techniques for certification, with hands-on practice.