Tabor Thompson Institute
The Educational Division of
The National Spiritual Alliance
Lake Pleasant, MA
Tabor Thompson Institute (TTI) is the educational division of The National Spiritual Alliance of the United
States of America, Inc. (TNSA), an interfaith Spiritualist denomination incorporated in 1913.TTI has been
developed to provide education in the form of on-site and on-line classes and workshops for various
certifications in spiritual healing, mediumship, ordained ministry, chaplaincy, and other subjects relating to
the philosophy, science, and religion of Spiritualism.
What is Tabor Thompson Institute?
TTI requires that all students complete a core set of subjects comprised of the History of Spiritualism,
Meditation, Spiritual Healing, and Mediumship. Once completed, the student may continue on by
enrolling in various modules that will further enhance their spiritual experience. Some of those modules
may be ordained ministry, animal chaplaincy, paranormal investigations, metaphysical science
practitioner, and religious science practitioner.
Rev. G. Tabor Thompson
Founder & First President of
The National Spiritual
What is the Educational Structure of TTI?
How are classes presented?
Courses will be presented using the ZOOM on-line meeting platform, on-site classes or a combination
of both.  The on-line ZOOM meeting platform provides interaction between the instructor and all
participants. Once the student has paid for the class, the instructor will e-mail a class invitation to the
student with a invitation number authorizing access to the ZOOM presentation. ZOOM meetings may
be accessed by computer, tablet, i-pad, smart phone, or telephone. Again, certain classes may be
available by attending an actual on-site class.
2019 Class Schedule is Here!