The Modules
Tabor Thompson Institute
Note: Anyone registering for modules must show completion of the Tabor Thompson
Institute Spiritual CORE.
Training for Ministry
Training for Ministry involves completion of all on-line and in person courses,
including submission and completion of all reports and exams. The candidates are
also required to attend two weekend series of hands-on workshops and classes at
Healing, Message Work, and Sunday Service. They will also have the opportunity to
meet the TNSA Board of Directors who will ultimately approve their readiness for
Animal Chaplaincy
Animal Chaplaincy is a very specialized type of spiritual counseling.  The successful
Animal Chaplain will have personal experience with and a thorough understanding of
the depth and intensity of the human-animal bond.  He or she also will possess
compassionate counseling skills and sensitivity to the unique emotions that humans
experience when they lose their beloved animal companions.
Successful completion of this course will require reading assignments from the three
texts, preparing written responses to essay questions based upon the readings, full
participation in all of the sessions, and above all, demonstrated abilities to manifest
the qualities inherent in a successful Animal Chaplain.